The 3 most Ridiculous and Silly Cars in Japan

Somewhere during my weird (and annoying) habit of taking pictures of literally everything, I started a series of pictures of silly cars. I don’t know why. I just… really like ridiculous looking things.

Of my year in Japan, there were three definite winners. They are:

1. The Sendai Pikachu Car

funny japanese car

Ummmm hello, it is Pikachu from Pokemon. Of course I’m bias. This car basically personifies all my dreams when I was like 8 years old.

The picture was taken in Sendai during the Pokemon fair in March, 2013.

2. The Akita Hippo Car

My first thought when I saw this car was “oh my gosh, it is the car of a pedophile” – which, you know, is a horrible thing to think. I was driving with my fiance and some of his friends; I made them stop the car so I could dash out and snap a picture.

funny Japanese car

They thought I was so weird.

I thought the CAR was so weird.

I honestly wouldn’t mind driving a thing like this in Japan (aside from the tiny roads) because that would ensure I would always be able to find my car in the parking lot.

This picture was taken in Akita in May, 2013.

3. The Aomori Cat Car

I saw this picture in passing, while Ryosuke and I were doing an electric bike tour of Aomori. It was some sort of delivery vehicle parked in front of an office building.

funny Japanese car

I have a lot of cat-lover friends (basically anyone who spends too much time on the internet); if I’m ever a millionaire, I will buy them all cat cars like this.

This picture was taken in Aomori in August, 2013.

Honorable Mentions:

1. The dog in a bucket

All issues of animal cruelty aside, apparently this is a legitimate way to transport a small dog. I’ve seen a couple little old ladies with dogs in buckets, driving around town (mostly grocery shopping). Thankfully the dogs have learned not to rock the bucket or try to jump out…

Funny cars japan

I’m not going to lie, I nearly snatched the dog. It was cute. And I would treat it better than a little old lady who left it outside in the hot sun in the middle of summer…

This picture was taken in Ibaraki in July, 2013.

2. Robot Restaurant Big Boob Robot

Hands-down, this is the coolest “car” in this post. And by “car” I mean “motorized vehicle.” A while back, I went to the Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho (click here for the full, amazing account). Like the name suggests, they had a lot of robots. They also had a lot of exotic dancers and strippers. The whole night was raunchy, entertaining, and incredibly not family-friendly.

Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho

One of my favorite parts was the Big Boobed, Giant Robot. A line of four robots came out during the last act, with real women riding on the legs, arms, and breasts. It was technically a motorized vehicle, so I say it gets to be included in this post!

This picture was taken in Tokyo in March, 2013.

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6 Comments on The 3 most Ridiculous and Silly Cars in Japan

  1. I would definitely go for the Pikachu car. My god, so amazing!

  2. Harry Takeuchi // 17 October, 2013 at 12:50 am //

    The “Pedophile” car is a promotion car for the candy maker Kabaya. I’ve seen Kabaya guys come to supermarkets on this loaded with folding booth equipments and candies and balloons and hand out samples and balloons to the visiting families so they can buy the full box in the supermarket.

    The cat car is a typical nursery/kindergarden school bus. Comes in all shapes. Cats, dogs, pandas, steam locomotives, bullet trains, you name it. Do a photo search for “幼稚園バス”. You’d freak out.

    • Oh wow, you’re right. There are a lot of themed busses.
      I’m glad you knew what these were – none of my Japanese friends seemed to know. I would have loved to ride in a pikachu or rabbit shaped bus when I was in nursery school!

      The fact that the “pedophile” car is a Kabaya candy car makes since, because it was parked on the far end of a supermarket parking lot.

  3. Pokemon car looks so cute, but it’s a pretty ridiculous to buy one and ride it :) japanese are crazy!!

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