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20 Comments on Comic: Problems of Cooking with Ryosuke

  1. oh! >.< lol im so used to manga that i want to read your comics from right to left. But i realized you did American standard comic not manga. hehe.

  2. Omg, this one really resonates with me.
    Just the other day my boyfriend was asking me to help prepare salad in his cafe. The entire time he was like “no, you’re supposed to cut the tomatoes like this”, or “that’s not how you break lettuce”. Eventually, I got frustrated and asked if he would like to make it, that made him stop but he kept glancing at what I was doing with a look that I knew meant he thought I was doing it wrong.
    I refuse to cook with him anymore lol.

  3. Ah, cooking… touchy subject for Mitsu and I… I absolutely cannot cook. He thinks it would be “fun” to cook together, so he tries to teach me. At the end I’m always like, “Wait…what?” Then I just go back to the kotatsu and wait for him to bring me food. But we’ve only been married for a week, so I have lots of time to learn!

    • Hah. Oh man, your comment makes me happy :)

      Right after Ryosuke proposed, he kept picking at my cooking. I was just like “ALRIGHT, ONCE WE GET MARRIED, YOU’RE IN CHARGE OF COOKING.”
      We’re lucky our husbands can cook :)

  4. Are you sure you are not writing about us?! We went through exactly the same thing and reached exactly the same solution: When I’m cooking, which I do more often than my wife, she stays away, and vice versa. Otherwise, we would end up fighting! Yeah, I guess this may just be a “Japanese guy-American gal” thing… XD

  5. This reminds me way too much of my boyfriend. He casually stands in the corner commenting and i’m like “get…out.” Is it a japanese guy thing? Because he does that AND his brother does too ¬_¬ hahaha

  6. In my case it’s the other way around hahahahaha… and it’s not only for cooking, but also cleaning, and even when playing PlayStation!! I just discover the last one just recently when we shared playing Ni no Kuni XD Luckily he’s really patient on me, so usually I’m the one who just walk away from him first before start making any command =P

    • Play games too? Wooooow. Hahahahaha.
      I can’t play games with my guy because I’m too competitive. If I lose, I get mad, sulk, and throw things at him~

  7. Ha ha! Been there!! However, thanks to my husband making fun of my chopping when we were first married, I am now super duper speed chopping lady! Now when I’m in the US and watching someone else cook it’s all I can do to resist grabbing the knife and taking over the chopping!

    Especially since my husband lived alone for quite a few years before we married, and is a super great cook, this was a big source of stress for me when we first got married. He wasn’t mean about it (or, at least not intentionally), but I really just stressed myself out trying to be good at the Japanese cooking thing. I can laugh about it now, though, and I have gotten really good at some things and learned to let other things go as not really important. Live and learn!

    • Ryosuke’s helped me get better at chopping vegetables. But just like your husband, he lived alone for several years before we met. He loves cooking – so it’s almost painful for him to watch me cook. Everything has a place, and order, and a speed. I’m usually off on all three.

      We have a rule – if he’s not home I will cook (or if he is busy). However, while I’m cooking, he has to stay out of the kitchen. Cooking together always leads to fights :)

  8. This is cute :)

  9. Eleanor Thomas // 29 September, 2013 at 8:37 pm //

    Lol!! I guess he is particular about his food, and this is a classic case of “too many cooks spoil the broth”… XD

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