Mister Donut: Pon De Ring, Curry Bread, and Happiness

Mister Donut is THE donut shop in Japan. Cheap, readily available, and filled with delicious pastries, Mister Donut would be the first place I would run to in the event of a zombie apocalypses breaking out in Japan.

Not because it offers any sort of protection, but because I would rather spend my last moments stuffing my face with their honey pon de ring donuts. I’m classy that way.

The Pon De Ring in question

The Pon De Ring in question

In fact, most foreigners I’ve met in Tokyo love Mister Donut. It’s possible that everyone else is just as cheap as I am (I mean, come on. It’s between 105yen and 126yen for each treat. That’s pretty awesome). And if you ARE as cheap as me, you should totally check out the Tokyo Cheapo site I guest post for. They have some of the best tips for stretching and saving your yen in Japan (click here for the website).

But it’s also possible that Mister Donut just appeals to a higher taste pallet.

You go there and decide for yourself.

Mister donut pon de ring JapanThis is their wall of happiness. It stretches from corner to corner of the store, offering dozens (like multiple dozens) of selections for affordable prices.

The pon de ring donuts are donuts – with a neat Japanese twist. As you can see form the above pictures, the pon de ring donut is, well, a ring of little donut-hole looking things. And each of those links is, in fact, mochi donuts (mochi is pounded rice, so a mochi donut is donut batter infused with pounded rice). The mochi circles in the pon de ring are delicious, chewy, savory, and not too sweet. It’s a party for the taste buds. 

In Mister Donut, I happen to prefer the pon de rings and curry breads. Actually, scratch that:

The best foods in Mister Donut are the Pon De Ring (any flavor) and the curry bread.

Mister donut pon de ring Japan

The second best thing? No judgement for donut lovers.

They have free water (and sell drinks). You can order a donut, bring your work, and just chill in the cafe for several hours doing work. Or, you can stop by any of the chains while shopping, order a couple donuts, eat them, decide you want MORE donuts (because when given the option between more donuts and less donuts, always pick more donuts), and send your fiance up the counter time and time again – to order more donuts because he loves you. That’s true love.

True love is buying lots of donuts for your future baby mama. 

Ryosuke buys me a lot of donuts.

Mister donut pon de ring JapanBut, as I said before, each donut is between 105yen and 126yen. It’s not like I’m wiping his bank account.

So – next time you’re in Japan, swing by Mister Donut for the Pon De Ring donuts! You won’t regret it!

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8 Comments on Mister Donut: Pon De Ring, Curry Bread, and Happiness

  1. Naomi Beirne // 20 September, 2014 at 9:02 am //

    I went to Japan this summer, and Mister Donut is excellent as temiyage for relatives. I even smuggled pon de ring out for my deprived sister. If they came back to the states, I would be so happy!

  2. I just got back from Japan a week ago and the pon de ring withdrawals are so strong!!! Oh man it’s my dream for Japan to bring Mister Donuts to the states!

  3. You’ve mentioned before that you drink lots of water (which I admire, I can’t do it!) so perhaps the free coffee refills at Mr. Donut are not a draw for you? Well, I can down donuts like no one’s business (though I shouldn’t be, generally try to hold myself to one honey old fashioned) but it’s that refillable coffee that really keeps me coming back. This was true back in the day when the bottomless coffee was “American,” but now that they offer refillable cafe au lait? Make sure you have several hours free, work or no! Sad that the point card thing is going away soon, though…. Thanks for your writing, by the way!

    • Actually, I do LOVE coffee (but hate spending money for it in restaurants, since I can make a perfectly good batch in my apartment for a fraction of the cost). Sometimes I even sneak a little thermos of coffee into cafes/classes/work. It’s just my thing.
      I had no idea the coffee had free refills, I’m going to check that out :)
      Thanks so much for the tips!

      I look to do my blogging and writing in cafes (I prefer Mister Donut over Starbucks and Dotour)

  4. Love Mr. Donuts! I’m a traditional honey-dipped kind of gal, though. Mr. D’s allows even a mom of four to take her kids out for a treat without breaking the bank – gotta love that! Oh, and I love that they now have point cards that allow you to get more donuts for free rather than redeeming them for a bunch of cheap merchandise like they used to have.

    • OH wow, that sounds like a much better deal. I like that. Oddly enough, I never got a pointcard (I’m always afraid to sign up, in case I can’t read all the kanji on the form) – or I’m afraid it will encourage me to go to Mister Donuts more than my typical once a week (hey, I have free donuts, might as well eat them!).
      I’m probably going to sign up for a card soon, though.

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